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Embracing the Wonderful Mess that is Me.

If you were to ask me who I am, I would have to say........I am a Texas born and Arkansas Bred mess of a man who feel like he is on his third life.  Adhd and and addictive nature, gave me wisdom from the many mistakes and follies I have incurred.  The heart of a Gemini and the soul of a Christian. I decided life wasn't hard enough so at Forty years old I am starting over. But most of all I am a giver and I would like to give some of the knowledge I have gained the hard way, to you.

Weathering the Storm

First I would like to share this with you.  It doesn't matter where you are in life, none of us are exempt from harships of one form or another. Weather it be socially isolation, physical pain or illness, mental battles of depression, financial woes and blunders, and most of all Love. For "Love" is and will always be the hardest thing we go through in this life, because with it comes the pain of loss,  and without it the loss of humanity. So remember this one thing,  time stops for no man and the moment you quit looking ahead life will begin to leave you behind. Learning to have some serenity and to let each day go with the sun is a life long process. Keep looking up and read your bibles when you feel lost. Because to be found we all have to get a little lost sometimes. Those who wander aren't always lost.

This aint my first Rodeo!

Like I said , I feel like I am on my third life. I was  rodeo cowboy, a bareback bronc and bull rider to be exact, in my first life . That life is where I realized I was not special but I was my own person, young dumb and still very much an attention hound.  Then came the "blurr"  life. This was the one where I tried to do all the bad stuff one does when they decide to do drugs and drink whiskey like it was water. that is where my first marriage began and ended and the only good thing that came out of it was two sons that carry my stamp. The other thing that came out of it was bitterness and fear of betrayal. So now here I am a single dad who has custody of his two sons and I met a woman who helped me get me back to me. Happy with what was left of me and me head over heels in love began my third life. So now in this third life I guess you could say I am staring a fourth one. The rest of this will be my insight into this borrowed time that we live.


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